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An online theft class for adults or juveniles - 4 hour online theft class or 8 hour online shoplifting/theft class.(Also available in Spanish)
Complete at your own pace, any time, start-stop-start again at whenever you want, 24 hours a day -7 days a week, from the privacy of your own home!

Online Theft / Shoplifting Class

An Online Class for adults or juveniles who need to complete a theft / shoplifting class


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A theft / shoplifting class provided online. Read through chapters, take exams and obtain a completion certificate when done.

For adult or juvenile clients who need to complete a theft class, required by a court / probation officer / retailer / school / other persons, or, for anyone who wants to get help on their own. The theft / shoplifting class is also offered in spanish.

Anytime, at your convenience over the internet. Instant results.

Program description: 
This program is for people who have been involved in any theft related offense. In this theft/shoplifting class, we will explore an offernder's thinking and behaviors, while also discussing victim awareness and personal responsibility.  This course is appropriate for mandated clients who are required to attend a theft counseling education class or for those seeking help on their own.

24 hours a day . . . Start - Stop - Start again on your timlines.

Accepted for Court, Business and Personal Requirements:
Our online class sets an industry standard as the nation's premier provider of online theft classes.

For a variety of reasons, many people can not attend in-person classes, or cannot find a class that is located in their area.

Before beginning this on-line course, you may want to verify that it meets the criteria set forth by your Judge or other person requiring completion of this sort of course. If need be, we will contact the court on your behalf to gain acceptance.

Offender Solutions™ is proud to be a world class program and the most trusted 24 hour a day accessible program.

New Reduced Fee Fee:  $55

Before beginning this on-line course, you may want to verify that it meets the criteria set forth by your Judge or other person requiring completion of this sort of course. 

The expectations of the on-line class include the following:


  Paying for the class. You can pay on-line or mail a Money Order. Click to register )

  Working through  7 chapters of The Psychology of Stealing, written by Steve Houseworth, MA.). 

  If needed, write to your Offender Solutions ™ counselor about any questions you may have.  

  Demonstrating your understanding of what you have read. (You will take seven quizes and one final test.)

How long will it take?  Everyone is different, some people get it done in as little as 5 hours, others take eight or nine.

Once completed, you can print a completion certificate to submit to your attorney, judge, probation officer, school or other person as needed.

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