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Theft / Shoplifting Curriculum


This theft / shoplifting class is based on the book,The Psychology of Anger
by Steven M. Houseworth, MA.

Following is the Class Outline:

Chapter 1: Cops and Robbers thinking

The police can't "stop" you from stealing.


Chapter 2: Punishment

Punishment won't "stop" you from stealing.


Chapter 3: Mental Rehearsing

If you don't "stop" Mental Reheasing, you won't "stop" stealing.


Chapter 4: License

What in your thining gives you permission to do something you know and believe is wrong?


Chapter 5: Circular Thinking

Is it wrong to steal? If so WHY is it wrong to steal?


Chapter 6: Olive's Story

Why it's wrong to steal.

Chapter 7: Who Cares?

Tho choice is yours. This class can't stop you. The police can't stop you. The Courts can't stop you. YOU have a very important decision to make. The honest answer to our final question WILL not only change, but also guide, your life!


Theft Class Final Exam

Four issues:
1) Who can stop you from stealing?
2) Why is it wrong to steal?
3) What, what quality within you will stop you from stealing?
4) We ended our class with a question. What was that question?




Last Updated: December 5, 2023






Taking a theft class, theft course or attending a theft school can be a very helpful way to guide your life away from stealing, shoplifting or other theft behaviors which in the short run are very appealing. But, in the long run a life as a theft offender, a life of stealing, shoplifting etc., is one which leads to a dissatisfied and unfulfilled life. Certainly some people are down and out and, as such, feel the need to steal, shoplift, or commit some other form of theft but let me say... there are always options which work better than stealing. Think about your options - there are always options to stealing, shoplifting or other forms of theft. A theft class / theft course or shoplifting class can help!

Take a theft class from Offender Solutions. Get started on a better life - now!

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